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Saturday, January 21, 2017


This blogger did not attend any of the protests yesterday and today. Which may surprise you, given the vehemence with which I despise Trump, his cabinet, and the entire Republican party, but I've actually got better things to do. Besides, a demonstration in a safe city with policemen wearing pink solidarity ribbons giving high-fives and everyone gets ice cream afterwards because you are all winners, just isn't very effective.

Secrecy, plotting, and dynamite, perhaps.

The one thing that angry groups of people do achieve is ticking off the poor little fascist soot-smears who thought it was their day. Whose knickers were all bent out at everyone pissing on their parade.
How DARE those libtards!

"We won. You lost. Get over it!"

Sorry, no. But do please continue spew. It isn't something that we haven't heard before, you sound like a broken record whenever your Republican wet dream is interrupted. You've been oozing bile for eight years.
You are all so precious.

[Did the protests upset you? Are you angry that those mean liberals pissed on your man's parade? Ooooh, pooooor baby! Sniff sniff. Might as well get used to it, little soot-smear, nobody likes you, and you have become a target. Once your neighbors realize what you are like, they'll paint things on your wall. Boo hoo.]

The social contract depends entirely on five things: educational chances, social welfare, a fair judiciary, honest governance, and a reasonable semblance of opportunity and democracy.

Education is shot, social welfare has been floundering for years -- even healthcare for all could not save a system that failed -- justice does not mean that a well-connected country club boy gets off with three months for rape in Palo Alto, honest governance is so rare as to be a lusus naturae in today's Republican circles, and both opportunity and democracy are severely limited, now more than ever in recent history.

If you don't co-opt the peasants, eventually they might kill you.

Or break into your expensive car and steal your stereo.

The status quo will continue to exist only if enough citizens benefit.
When you dispossess too many people, cracks will appear.

Nah, I shan't make any reassuring remarks. Things probably won't be all right, and for most of us they really will be "that bad". We just haven't realized it yet, or understood the full extent.

Smell your thumbs.

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  • At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That "we won" quote was Nancy Pelosi.
    If the former Prez had done such a great job, I think Hillary should have been a no brainer. Probably crazy Uncle Bernie was more honest. Don't forget the dems had a majority in both houses and the presidency and still had to buy off the final votes for the ACA. Cap and trade got close but couldn't get finalized.
    George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton both passed serious anti-gun bills passed in the wake of violence. Obama couldn't pull it off.
    Let us not forget that it was the former President Obama's FDA that got us this current tobacco mess.
    But you missed an opportunity, in that, the pink vajajay hat is stunning.

  • At 7:10 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Possibly valid points. Shan't argue. Because this isn't the first time for this discussion, and repeating all of last years conversation would be grating and rather pointless.

    Barring the assassination of Republicans, possibly down to the grass-roots level, we'll have to deal with it.

    And the Republicans will have to deal with a populace that in many places will continue to resist them, and a resistance that will continue to grow.


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