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Thursday, January 05, 2017


No, the internet does not clarify precisely what the lyrics might be when translated into English, and the title suggests but cannot convey with certainty any of the connotations.

"Daughter of the red shop"

I think it's probably related to the spring season. It seems to mention various things that might be pink, red, or crimson hued. Clothing. Perhaps undergarments the edges of which are visible in old-style kimonos.
A touch of cheek powder. The moon, however, when mentioned, is greyish, veiled by fog (of a pipe-clay character).

This is more than just a guess.
But less than a statement.

If I'm reading the slim data correctly, it dates from the fourth year of the Showa era. Chiyako Sato (佐藤 千夜子) did a version, as did a few other artists. Despite being a lovely tune it has fallen into the shadows.

Here are the people of the Azumino Singing Cafe rendering it.

紅屋の娘 【あづみ野うたごえ喫茶】


Azumino City (安曇野市) is in Nagano Prefecture (長野縣).
Wikipedia does not say much about the place.

Sometimes answers are lacking.

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