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Monday, January 30, 2017


This blogger has great respect for people who do not mind being hated. Sneered at. Despised. Loathed. Utterly disliked, held up to ridicule, called names, regarded as darn well un-human, excoriated, and considered suitable for toilet paper or target practice pictures.
Unmitigatably vile, rabid, daemonic.

Such as the Belle of Camden.

Finally, a woman with tales of whom we can scare obstreperous little children: "if you're don't behave, Kellyanne Conway gonna get you!"

It's a sign of gender parity. A female so gardamighty frightful that she makes grown men weep. Previously only male evil could achieve this.

"Kellyanne Conway gonna get you!"

No doubt the little dears will have hysterics.

Malevolence made flesh.

It's quite impressive.
I stand in awe.

A fitting face for this administration.
She snarls in nightmares.

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