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Thursday, January 26, 2017


California grows enough avocados to supply all of her own guacamole needs. The rest of the country largely relies on Mexican imports, which because of president Dingleberry McStupidhair's recent tantrum, may come to an end soon. Which is a pity, because Cinco De Mayo is coming up, and folks in Dingleberrystan will need an excuse to partayyy!

We should impose a tax of twenty percent or more on locally-grown avocados exported from California to Dingleberrystan. Keep all of the avocados here. We need them. Let those bastards on the other side of the Sierras freeze their bigoted asses off in the dark!

Or whatever it is that they do.

By the way, it looks like much of Europe will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo too this year. With guacamole.

[Guacamole is made by coarsely mashing raw avocado flesh with a little salt and oil, and a lot of lime juice. Mix this moosh with some minced green chilies and chopped tomato as you see fit. Tortilla chips can be used to dip it up, but try it on some toasted crusty French bread instead. Delicious!
Guacamole word gemaakt door het vlees van avocados met ene vork te beklutsen, met een weinig zout en olie, en een gulle hoeveelheid limoen (djeroek) sap. Hierbij voegt men 'n hoeveelheid gesnipperde tjabe hidjau en gehakte tomaat, naar smaak. Tortilla chips kunnen gebruikt worden om het op te scheppen, doch Franse brood toastjes zijn ook voortreffelijk!]

[Erläuterung: Guacamole besteht aus zerdrücktem fruchtfleisch reifer avocados, ein wenigkeit salz, speiseöl, und eine angemessen kwantität limettensaft, mit chili und tomatenwürfeln zugefügt wie du willst.]

I suspect that the tactics that president Dingleberry McStupidhair will experiment with against Mexico are merely a test of what he'll use on China and Europe. See what works, and what doesn't.
It's a learning experience.

The American people will have to pay for this.

The type of unethical strong-arm tactics that work in business may not come unanswered in foreign relations.

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