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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


In addition to stubby tiny fingers: tiny crowds. By almost all measures the inauguration last Friday was a publicity disaster, despite the numbers who came for free candy, or because somebody paid for the bus ride.

Donald Trump's inauguration was a day that will live in infamy, no matter what Kellyanne Conway and obedient lap-dog Sean Spicer said.

Less than a quarter of the size, at a conservative estimate.

[SOURCE: PBS: Comparison. Photos by Reuters and Pool Camera.]

I love my fellow-Americans, no matter how misguided, but for many years they've been full of pucky, never more so than now. It probably matches their diet: junk food, lard, and enormous amounts of 'alternative facts'.

The crowd doesn't even look one tenth the size. Even if you factor in their undoubtedly greater girth.

A result of their socio-cultural environment.

Maybe they were all at Trump Tower, eating a taco bowl.
I understand it's "huge". And filled with cheese.
That can't be good for the digestion.
Or the energy level.

Probably turns you orange.

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