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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


It's official: either I should never breed, or I am hardier stock than you ever thought possible, my genetic material is resilient and capable of surviving dynamite. But probably not the latter. After my haircut I had a late lunch, then went outside to smoke a pipe. Let us assume stupidity.
Or some raging tough craziness. That also works.

Whatever excites you inordinately.
I've got it. Yes.

Good thing I found an awning, because it started bucketing down. Man, that bowl of Dunhill Dark Flake was quite delicious! So, against my own better judgment and the suspicion it was berserk to do so, I had another cup of milk tea after I finished, in order that after a brief interval I could go stand outside again in this weather we're having, with a pipe in my mouth filled with the same tobacco, and experience it even more so.

Bigger bowl, more rain, driving wind.

I do not like foul weather.

* * *

Picked the wrong awning this time. But having committed myself, I would not let sanity rear its ugly head, and beaming like a maniac I braved the storm. Dunhill Dark Flake. It is self-destructively good.
Do try some. Today.

Got home with soggy cold feet, stiff leg muscles and wet pants, soaked shoulders. I had an umbrella, but I used that to keep my pipes dry.
Both pipes, both times.

This weather isn't fit for man nor beast.
But it suits pipe smokers.
By necessity.

Years ago, when I lived in Valkenswaard, I would smoke outside in the middle of a rainstorm only if I didn't have the money for a hot beverage at a nearby establishment. That isn't a concern now, but one cannot smoke inside a place of caffeine purveyance in today's San Francisco.
Can't do it in Valkenswaard either, I've heard.
They are as nuts as we are.


Thank providence for awnings in Chinatown. It's beastly out there in the rain, and lonely, but without those awnings many more people would suffer, and helpless little children would be exposed to second-hand smoke like you wouldn't believe. Because if Uncle Grumpus wants to smoke, there had better be something to keep him halfway dry, or everyone will suffer.
Uncle Grumpus is nobody's fool.
And not entirely crazy.

The only thing better than smoking a pipe outdoors in a horrid rainstorm in San Francisco Chinatown after a hot cup of milk tea would be smoking a pipe indoors during a rainstorm, WITH a hot cup of milk tea.
Indeed, that would be absolutely divine.

There's still plenty of the Dunhill Dark Flake left. Tomorrow I shall head into Chinatown again. Lunch and a pipe full, even if it rains. Maybe two.

Darn good thing I do not live in the High Sierras.
There is probably no milk tea there.
Nor any awnings.


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