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Thursday, January 19, 2017


One month ago I had not even heard of either term, but in that time both of them have become fundamental parts of my weltanschauung. It is surprising that I had never encountered them before, as the concepts so adeptly expressed perfectly match the phrases themselves.

"Bad Jesusbara"


--Hasbara (advocacy) for Jesus--
The first is what happens when a Christian opens his or her mouth. Usually what comes out is staggeringly stupid, and often downright offensive. Shut up, little Christian droodge, you are not helping your cause.
And what you just said was irrelevant.

--Ashkenazic standards as the norm--
The second expresses the assumption, from Jew and Gentile alike, that certain ideas and behaviours are pure Jewish, and others no matter how Jewy the Jew, are aberrations. You know, too Sfardi or Mizrahi.
And only New Yorkish types are Jewish.

I'll agree that Baruch de Spinoza wasn't Ashkenormative.
Even for his time.

Neither was Rabbi Moses ben Maimon.
Mi Moshe ad Moshe lo kam ki Moshe.

Bekeshes and biber pelze tetsl-hutn aren't normative either.
Takeh, they're schlechte Fiddler on the Roof bara.

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