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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Apparently some folks seriously think that throwing away a sleeping person's shoes is just dandy. Why, it's taking a moral stand, and rectifying a great wrong in the universe!

Both the shoe away thrower, and the shoes, were at Xiamen airport.

The insane people who approve of what he did are Chinese.


The unnamed man who threw away the shoes of a barefoot traveller has won online respect.

Many popular comments on NetEase and Sina Weibo users praised the "handsome" man for his actions.

Many comments said he "did the right thing" and that the shoeless man was "breaking public order and morals".

"His approach is certainly right", user "Qing Agoin" says, but she asks whether his behaviour is "a little extreme?"

End cite.


The first thing that comes to mind is the question where in that hinterland airport will the now shoeless passenger be able to purchase footwear when he wakes up?

The second thing, naturally, is speculation about the circumstance that made him take his footwear off in the first place. Maybe his feet were painfully swollen after waiting several hours at an inefficient airport for a delayed flight, perhaps the air-conditioning was not working either, and rather than bribing random officials for whatever reason the passenger felt that the best thing to do was simply take a nap.

Patience is a virtue. Bribing officials, no matter how common it is, is not. Stealing and throwing away someone's shoes when they will obviously need them to locomote in an inefficient and overheated sh*thole of an airport (in Xiamen) should be a capital offense.

Or at least merit whipping and the pillory.

What kind of cruel s.o.b. throws away someone else's shoes?!?
How vicious, how uncivilised, how utterly depraved!
Is that what his parents taught him?

Personally, I think that the individual who stole someone else's shoes and dumped them in the garbage is both heartless and arrogant, and way too full of himself, an inconsiderate and over-privileged blister.

Who probably was accustomed to comfortable foreign shoes.
Instead of the shoddy and repulsive dogs made in China.
Not a place known for quality shoes.


If I ever visit Xiamen, I will make it a point to include medicated foot powder and soothing unguent in my carry-on luggage, as well as a pair of kungfu slippers, just in case.

I shan't sleep in the airport no matter what.
Can't trust the locals.

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