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Monday, May 23, 2016


In the past I never thought of myself as such. Although occasionally, when I explained what I did for a living, people would draw away from me and shudder. Especially over a decade ago, when I did collections for lawyers. Which is kind of like being the Anti-Christ.

Since the company at which I worked was sold to the Canadians I have been involved in the tobacco trade. "Come here, little girl, would you like a nice perfecto? It's made by Arturo Fuente, and has a cult following ... your classmates will be envious! It is hip and will make you look pretty!"

None of this is evil.

But during the past two days, I have been goading an anti-vaxxer.
Who has exactly eight Facebook friends. Eight.
One of whom is also my friend.

I have responded to the anti-vaxxer over a hundred times.

My eighth reply to one of his ridiculous statements was that he should PLEASE take the thorazine.


Since that recommendation, every comment I made in response to him was the single word reminder: "thorazine".


His spelling started slipping more than it already had, many more words were capitalized than before, and several of his later comments were to call me names. There were ellipses and exclamation marks.


One could tell that he was ready to punch his computer, and quite likely jumping up and down and screaming.


What was I, some sort of evil monster who would kill children with vaccinations?!?


Didn't I care that thousands would DIE because of modern medicine?


How about KNOWN side effects and autism?


Oh, the numbers!


Thorazine, thorazine, thorazine!

My last comment was something else:

"Or instead, olanzapine (Zyprexa). But consult a medical specialist first, as it is only by prescription. If you have diabetes or a heart condition, it would not be a good solution for you."

Really, I shouldn't taunt him so. Despite his staggering ignorance, illogic, and stupidity, AND his insulting remarks, he is probably not consciously evil. His dreadful sincerity is quite possibly even fairly harmless, as the chances of him having either children to accidentally kill, or anyone who takes him seriously when he speaks his mind, are extremely thin.

I just don't like people who are that stupid.

He has finally asked what it is.


I am an evil man.


Available in tablet or liquid form.

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All correspondence will be kept in confidence.


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