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Monday, May 02, 2016


Under one post a while back a reader commented "Holy shit you're crazy." A day ago, someone elsewhere accused me of being a gibbering meth freak because of something I wrote. Both remarks betray somewhat less than fully flexible minds. But in truth, there are times when I may seem a little peculiar. Several conversations yesterday went sideways at a rapid clip because I did not control the conversation.
In consequence, attempts at keeping the discussion on track were easily derailed.

It may have been a blood sugar level issue.

Or a low state of caffeination.

I am fortunate that two people in particular did not come in. If they had, talk would have been nightmarishly unreal, as they are at the centres of mighty strange private universes, and one must be firm with them.
Some people should never be allowed to drive.
Actually, make that "most people".

Conversation is a vehicle that is easily steered astray.

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