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Thursday, May 05, 2016


The first thing to understand is that a taco bowl is STRICTLY for people who eat extremely white. It is NOT something that people with any shred of self-respect will touch. Nor even some Waspy types..

So, in a forlorn attempt to unpissoff a large segment of the United States population, Donald Trump, with his signature spray-on orange tan in place, devoured a "taco bowl". Described as a deep-fried tortilla shell containing lettuce, shredded cheese, and plain cooked ground beef. One dollop of sour creme, one sploodge of a reddish substance.

Let's take another look, shall we?

No, I am afraid that does not look edible.

That looks like something a drunken fratboy would eat after knocking back too many tequila shots. Perhaps there is a blotto blonde chick back in his dormroom, who, if she hasn't sleep-barfed already, is going to be up for some limp and altogether nauseating whoopie.

Betcha it's gonna be Huge™. The "best".

One can only wonder.

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