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Tuesday, May 03, 2016


This blogger has always been envious of people who have bounding enthusiasms. Not the short-term flash in the pantry fanaticism that strikes many people at times -- like rooting for the underdog team who now stands a chance at the championship why yes I've ALWAYS supported Leicester ever since I was a wee toddler -- but the sustained love of affair of years or decades with photography or nuclear physics or whatever that gets them through several stages of life and reflects their present character as well as their entire process of personality development.

I am not a man of such bubbling enthusiasms. More of a gradually building obsession that leads to strange places.

In consequence, I probably know more about certain subjects, languages, cultures, and diseases, than I really should. Without being a bounding expert. More like too detailed by half.


Sometimes I become aware of a conversation only because one of the people involved suggests asking me a question, because they are certain that I will know the answer. After that answer is provided, they happily go back to their conversation and I get to stare off into space again.
Obviously that happens more often when I'm being social.

Yesterday somebody called me a great resource.

Which is rather flattering.

I like that.

No, I don't know quite how to respond when that happens, and prefer to change the subject if it is done directly to my face, or say something denialistic, like "oh nonsense", or "no not really", but it is still nice.

I give good answer, and I know multi-syllabic words.

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