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Monday, May 30, 2016


If it weren't for my sweet good-natured apartment mate, I would never know that rich black women are trash-talking bitches, OR that chicken nuggets taste like sh*t.
Left to myself, I would never turn on the Housewives of Atlanta.
During the airing of which a commercial appeared.


Just imagine, I could have lived the rest of my life without realizing that the Real Housewives are a bunch of fancy hos, OR that chicken nuggets were the worst kind of mediocre white-folks dimsum.
I might have been blissfully happy.

Fortunately I was mentally prepared, as I had earlier enjoyed Papa Touwtjie singing 'Miss Bigi Puni' on youtube.

[WARNING: The linked video, while not obscene, is NOT safe for either work or the yeshiva study hall. But is not as suggestive as some of the songs by Trafassi. A flinke meid indeed! Forsooth!]

Papa Touwtji (John Touwslager, 1968 - 2005) was probably one of the greatest Surinamese musicians ever. He died of a bullet wound after a family quarrel, at age thirty seven. His funeral was an event. His song 'Sontin' is also not quite safe for work, but none of your coworkers will understand a blessed word, unless they are from Paramaribo.
It was tops on Sky Radio for five weeks after his death.

If you're wondering how The Real Housewives of Atlanta connects to Surinamese music, it's simple; every single one of those women is Miss Bigi Puni. But not in a good way. Never in a good way.

Afterthought: Kaseko music still hasn't made any inroads into the United States music scene. Which is a great pity. There's nothing quite like Lieve Hugo on the one hand and Bose Krioro on the other.
And everything in between.
Bigi poku.

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  • At 11:12 AM, Anonymous The Nazi Symbol said…

    You mention that chicken nuggets taste like sh*t. What is the difference between sh*t and shit? Thank you very much.


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