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Sunday, May 22, 2016


The key to good television entertainment is people saying stupid hurtful things. And rest assured, thanks to reality teevee, that is not rare. But, due to the pernicious example set by tacky blondes on reality teevee, people now do that in real life too.

Stupid, hurtful, HORRIBLE things.

Where else but in the real world would you hear the phrase "girl, yo behind big as a f*cking house! Yo ass stamp all stretched out!"

I think he was talking to his girl friend.
Or his sister.

As I had not taken a close look at the other passengers when I got on, there was no way of knowing. But when I heard him say that I felt like turning around and taking a long hard gander.
Of course, unless she got up to pummel him, there'd be no way I could gauge whether his assessment was correct. Or if the ass stamp was really stretched out. It could have been poetic exaggeration.

In this world, it just isn't acceptable to holler back into the bus "hey, which of you tacky suburban slags has an ass tat, and is it still legible after all the damned ding dongs you been eating?"

Much as one would sincerely like to do so.

On the number 70 bus, southbound.

Heading to San Francisco.

I am diplomatic.

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