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Friday, May 13, 2016


A friend with a fascination for piyyutim is now a doctor. Kol hakavod. The journey took over a decade, and went through several twists and turns; during most of that time he was either invisible or self-veiled in obscure fogs.
Most of his visits to this blog in that long interval have been very much like things that go bump in the night -- entertaining at times, frustrating on occasion -- and his comments indicated fiercely burning fascinations, but attempts at anonymity did not hide his personality.

I'm still not sure what he thought about the three blithering posts which discussed the Keter Aram Tzova, or the time that we did not encounter each other at Kikar Safra (I have, alas, completely forgotten who originally spread that rumour).

He's still an odd fish...
But he's now a fish with a PhD.

Time for a joyous song of congratulationality!



'Tis the season for graduates. The academic year is coming to an end, great achievements receive recognition, degrees cap years of effort. Dusty bookworms and ink-stained wretches are rewarded for their singleminded dedication. Perhaps they finally blink in sunlight again.

Laßt uns deshalb fröhlich sein.

[Yesterday I smoked eight pipes full. Please imagine all of this in a raspy croak in consequence.]

Today I have a hangover, having spent a while at the Oxxy with other pipe smokers after the monthly meeting. With bleary eyes I stumbled about fixing coffee, my mind being somewhat abstracted by the flicker of exaggerated memories. The very first thing I saw on Facebook was a mention of the gentleman who is the subject of this post.
There is much reason to congratulate him.
It is an admirable achievement.
Herr Doktor W.
Hot dang.

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