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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


What is most noticeable about the Bernie Sanders campaign is how cavalierly it treats the Democratic Party, and how many Sanderites would wish to destroy the party that they claim they belong to.

Most of Bernie's acolytes and devotees refuse to accept that defeating the Republican candidate is far more important than their unrealistic goals, and that their threats of boycotting the election if their hero is not the candidate, when put into action, will give us Trump.

I do not like being blackmailed by the "Occupy" movement.

This is an election year. Now is not the time for a structural overhaul of the Democratic Party, nor for obdurate threats of destruction and sabotage. Especially not by people who until Bernie Sanders entered the race were not even remotely concerned, only barely involved, and, many of them, too apathetic to do anything before now. As reviews of their personal histories on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere on the internet attest.

Boys, please consider that if your behaviour allows Trump to win, you will be in very real danger yourselves.

Probably not just from Trump.

BTW: How nice that you are finally paying attention to politics! And after all these years! That's just so precious!

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  • At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    See the wisdom of the founding fathers, for the qualifications of voters in the U.S. constitution? Before we got soft hearted, then soft headed.


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