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Saturday, May 28, 2016


Upon listening to Louie Gohmert talking in Congress about gay space colonies for over four minutes, I am convinced that Texas is taking the piss. They're having us on. Pulling a fast one. Louie Gohmert, for those still unaware of how many dumbasses the redneck states have sent to Washington, is probably the dumbest rep in the house. Which is a monumental distinction, as the competition is fierce.
But he wins by a very wide margin.
He's a booby.

Louis Buller Gohmert represents Texas's First Congressional District. Has done so since 2004. Keeps getting overwhelming victories in elections down there.

Either the folks in Texas's First Congressional District know something we don't, or they're trying to keep Louie Gohmert far from their homes.

In some cultures, they put the kids who are too stupid to live out in the swamp to be eaten by alligators; in Texas they elect them.

"See, if you send forty couples into space to repopulate our planet after the asteroid wipes out all life, like say a teknunologic Noah's Art, and some of them are same sex couples, then Jesus is going to say 'I don't like that, why aren't you linstinening boy' and it ain't gonna work.
That's just illogical.

That may be a paraphrase. When he spoke of gays and asteroids, this blogger was thinking too hard about large pink rocks hurtling through the void, while also wondering which pipe tobacco to smoke later, to really pay attention to congressman Louie Gohmert and the wise words of an educated Texan Southern Baptist Sunday School teacher.
The sterling example in Washington of which he is.
Large pink rocks, flaming.
Disco ball.

[At 0:10 - 0:12]

Still, that is the content of his message, albeit reduced to comprehensible language. Louie Gohmert truly believes that a space colony with gay couples is against G*d's plan for humanity.
Which is probably why he's sending an asteroid to wipe us out.
Apparently he did that to France already.
Because they didn't listen.

Go on. Read up on Mr. Gohmert. I'm not inventing any of this.
And you too can listen to the video of his speechy.

"A man that didn't know which he was, was ... pitied, loved, encouraged ... "

"What Jesus said when he quoted Moses verbatim"

"Okay, we've got a spaceship"

"Matt Damon"

"Even if you're a secular humanist"

"The United States ... as an instrument to bless the world"

After listening to all of that several times, I sense that there's nothing truly evil about the man. He's just dumb as a brick.
Jesus made him that way.


Credit for the title of this essay: Ron 'Tater Salad' White.

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  • At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's a good job you inserted the video link.

    Otherwise, I would have thought you were hallucinating after smoking too much Clan.

    Even by Texan standards that man is a raving loonie.



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