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Sunday, May 01, 2016


She made the mistake of telling me where the Oreo cookies were. Which was very kind of her. In direct consequence of which I went out and bought an entirely new pack.
You can probably guess why.

I have great self-control. Just not when it comes to cookies, ice cream, and chocolate. Especially not any combination of those three.

We now also have a new tub of icecream. Super chocolate chunk.
Instead of her favourite: Rocky Road.

No longer will I have to eat around the little white slimy things in the Rocky Road. Can't stand marshmallows. Never stressed how disgusting those things are, and so ended up with a huge tube of Rocky Road icecream. Which I've grudgingly forced myself to tolerate.
Marshmallows are horrible, an Americanism that I refuse to accept.
George Washington never ate icecream, and look at him!
Abraham Lincoln? No marshmallows, ever!
Donald Trump? I rest my case.
Marshmallows are nasty.

In any case, we now have some new icecream too.
So there's an alternative to marshmallows.
Only a third of a tub of rocky left.

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