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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The internet has not increased insanity in America, but it has given it form and voice. In the past, the crazies would drive Volkswagen buses covered with their beliefs slowly through the neighborhood, sometimes with a jury-rigged soundsystem that let them utter portentous words of doom.
And their choice of music imposed on everyone nearby.
The icecream trucks of despair.
Come for the darkness.

Now they can safely remain in their universe of disconnect, and scream in capital letters, secure in the knowledge that unstable hysterics will forward their message, and guide attention back to them.

Suggestible and not very intelligent people tend to subscribe to the queer beliefs broadcast on the internet, convinced that they have found a truth that puts them in the know, allows them to understand everything, and thus makes them better than the rest of us.

Blame the Masons, Illuminati, Jews, Bilderbergers, and the Democratic National Committee. Vaccines, GMOs, Hormones, Kosher tax, New World Order, False Flag Operations, and the Federal Reserve.

And Obama is gonna take yer guns!

"The religion of the Armenians is fake --- there is clearly an Armenian Master Plan that generates Armenian hate around the world."

-----Samuel A. Weems, on behalf of the Turkish lobby in the U.S.

This blogger is a cynic, but not a dunce, and consequently finds it hard to acknowledge the conspirationalists and their believers are fellow human beings who are also entitled to any respect and consideration at all.
In person, I will more than likely politely change the subject, rather than tell them bluntly that they are batshit crazy and need to be medicated (or vaccinated, heh heh heh), but I am rather less restrained here.

The chemtrailers are a good example of loony tune.

"Futuristic Disguise Technology"



A myriad of toxic constituents causing an increase in autism. That is what some aver is in the vapour trails of aeroplanes, and they are certain that the purpose is to either increase control over society, OR lower human fertility, OR control our minds by seeding us with receptor metals, OR it's a super-weapon program funded by ...

Text found on the internet:

"They have been spraying for many years a particular type of CHEMTRAIL AEROSOL which DOES TARGET ALL female reproductive systems making it very hard for many not all but many women to have if they do at all any kind of orgasm! THEY know this as well as I do myself. THEY do not want HUMANS to feel any real love or universal connection type healing .....  "

[Thanks, Chow Babe. The suggestion that a sage/mint vagisteam followed by a grounded rose quartz yoni egg will cure it is priceless.]

This is not the normative assumption of the chemtrail movement, but a self-serving side-track. The individual whom Chow Babe cites is clearly blaming his or her own failures on an evil conspiracy.

Rather than admitting that he or she is an uptight twat who sucks the joy out of everything.

If there is a tinfoil hat over the clitoris, someone else is to blame.

Universal connection type healing?



For the curious, I can tell you all about the clitoris, if need be. Just let me know. It's not my favourite subject, but I did some research a while ago, and am aware of its function. Think of it as being in the nature of an "on" switch, much like the one that sets off the giant fan at the cigar lounge when there is too much smoke in the air.

But first, you must remove the tinfoil hat.

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  • At 12:38 PM, Anonymous e-kvetcher said…

    >>He made various controversial remarks such as "the Armenians have never been known as truth tellers"

    How is that controversial??? :)

    He reminds me of that great Turkish poet Mahmud al-Kashgari, who wrote such great gems as "The Infidels - May God destroy them!" and this catchy ditty:

    We came down on them like a flood!
    We went out among their cities!
    We tore down the idol-temples,
    We shat on the Buddha's head!

  • At 2:13 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…



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