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Thursday, May 05, 2016


One of my friends posts seven or eight vicious anti-Hillary messages a day, firm in the belief that if he just keeps doing the Republicans' dirty work, we will all swing massively behind Bernie Sanders. The idea that a venomous hate-fest among Democratic ranks will somehow defeat Trump in November truly baffles me.

I like Sanders. But Bernie won't get the nomination, and he just does not have the financial backing to wage war on Trump.

The most important thing is blowing the fascist out of the water.

Too much is at stake to go full-tilt Berniac.

A campaign requires money.

He has none.

If course, if you truly want to prevent Hillary from getting the nomination, keep taking your tropes and memes from Fox and the ultra-right. That's what they want, and you are clearly incapable of reason at this point.

Kermit the Frog would make a better president than any of the candidates, but I am a realist, and he doesn't stand an amphibian's chance in hell, so I'm not ramming him down anyone's throat.

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