Tuesday, November 03, 2020


Rice, fatty meat, and plum flower vegetable. With hot sauce. It's suitable for any meal. So it boggles the mind that some people -- my apartment mate, for instance -- insist on eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Gluey, but with a repulsive texture. Thin lumps.
American cereal is particularly appalling.

Now, I understand that eating muck can be very satisfying. Which explains the long line of cars for the drive-up window at McDonalds. Nothing says "happy suburban breakfast joy joy" like deep-fried starchy compounds in the morning. Which is why so many people in Marin have both weight and trust issues.
For me, the typical breakfast consists of five prescribed medications, a cup of coffee, and heading out with a pipe in my mouth to get the juices flowing. I understand that physicians disrecommend this, because the all-American grease feast is the most important meal of the day. It gets you ready to head out to the back forty to bale hay, castrate the bulls, harvest the candy corn, and Christian saint-like deliver carrots to those old folks homes and grammar schools so people can see in the dark. Which is crucial.

In all honesty, I do not understand my fellow Americans. It is hard to grasp how a bunch of overweight alcoholics won the war. Maybe they were thin and sober after the great depression. Longer bones and more leverage probably also had a lot to do with it.
Oh, and bad fried crap breath.

Segue into anger about dumbassity. The dominant theme for today.

Texas in particular. They have such great proximity to delicious stuff to eat, what with Mexico being right next door. One wonders what on earth is wrong with those people.
Probably just rank stupidity and body odour.

Morbidly obese from the neck up.

As you can tell, I am gearing up to be pissed this evening, when the Republicans pull some repressive chicanery and roll-back progress, as they are bound to do, with the ardent support of people related to child molesters and mass murderers. That being half the country at this point, though mostly in the Deep South and the Lone Star State.

And don't get me started on the Midwest.
Or Florida, good dog almighty.

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