Sunday, November 22, 2020


My apartment mate is in her bed in her room with a good book. I am not yet sleepy, and will not go to my bed for another hour or so. Instead, I will walk around the neighborhood with a pipe enjoying the last smoke of the day. It has turned cold; today we closed the door at work and put on the heat. Several days in a row now it has been warmer in the morning than by the middle of the afternoon, which is NOT the weather pattern I signed up for! Expect a strongly worded letter to the editor. What is this world coming to?

Damned kids, get off of my lawn.
More or less.
Though keenly aware of the discordance, I tend to smoke English flake tobacco in the Irish pipe shown above. Always hoping that no IRA men who know tobacco are near.

Of course, if Alfred Dunhill were still alive, he'd be outraged that I'm enjoying his fine flake in an Irish thing. Old Alfred was rather a bigoted chap, a snob and a parvenu.

In all honesty, I doubt very much that I'd get along with Mr. Dunhill. A fine chap, I suppose and all things considered, and his shop made very good pipes.
But he himself had flaws.
The tobacco products which bear his name are excellent.
Even though made by a different manufacturer.
Still deservedly praised.

NOTE: It must be mentioned, by the way, that the Dark Flake under the Dunhill name bears no resemblance to the product available in the eighties, being actually almost identical to Petersen and Sorensen's 'Tradition', which disappeared from the market well over a decade ago.

Possibly Orlik and Kohlhase & Kopp decided that since they had contractual rights to make and distribute Dunhill tobaccos, they might as well run a suitable darker flake up the flagpole and see if there were any nibbles. But it's good stuff.

Perfumy and autumnal.
Good after tea.


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