Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Given what people are like, I foresee a huge number of accidental poisonings over the next several months. Because of a cave art painting depicting a hallucinogenic plant taken ritually over four centuries ago in Southern California. Datura, chewed for effect.

It's better than Pot, man. Spiritual!

Over the last few years, people have experimented with Dokha, a concentrated raw version of tobacco which produces euphoria and temporary black-outs; Kratom, a not yet illegal plant from South east Asia which is sometimes used to lessen the ill-effects of drug-withdrawal; Rapé, a nicotiana rustica (mapacho) based shamanic snuff from South America which is taken up the nose for a sudden rush of euphoria and contentment ...... plus bleach, oleander, and chloroquine phosphate as Covid cures or preventatives, because people are idiots.
Also, Juul and Puff-bars, as new and probably more addictive forms of nicotine use.

In all honesty, I have complete faith in the stupidity of my fellow man.

These are the same people who raid grandma's medicine cabinet and pop what they find inside at random because grandma is out of it and high all the time, so it must be good.

The painting crudely illustrated above represents what is on the ceiling of Pinwheel Cave south of Bakersfield, recently confirmed to show a datura wrightii blossom unfolding.

Datura produces changes in perception, mood, and consciousness, and has been used ceremonially all over the Northern Hemisphere. It also causes breathing difficulty, heart failure, hallucinations, insanity, and death. But you'll have wonderful fantasies while croaking.
Which is precisely what is needed in these times.

The only mind-altering substances the thinking person needs are caffeine, nicotine, and highly refined sugar. Couple these with a book -- romance, detective novels, or sci-fi -- and you've got enough stimulation to survive almost anything including rap music and the idiots next door.
I am a literate tea-swilling pipesmoker. I do not need anything else.

Coffee and tea are just packed with antioxidants.
So they're good for you.


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Anonymous said...

The blog's not pink any more. Mid-life crisis?

The back of the hill said...

Nah, blogger forced an upgrade, and the layout I liked was no longer an option. So I chose a straightforward layout that worked for me. It took me two weeks of kicking and screaming before I could make the new improved version of blogger do enough of what I wanted that I could live with it.

So actually yeah, a mid-life crisis of sorts, induced by young dumbass programmers and marketing wallahs.

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