Wednesday, November 04, 2020


A very dear friend wrote this afternoon "I feel like regardless of the final count, our citizens have made a clear statement that the United States of America is a nation of haters, bigots, money-grabbers and Science deniers. They have also said that the beliefs of our Founding Fathers were error-filled and our Constitution is nothing but a sheet of scrap paper."

He also wrote: "Looking at the numbers now, I believe that Biden will win both the popular vote and the Electoral vote. The popular vote margin will be more dramatic than the Electoral. Now we're in for a long time of whining, lawsuits, denials, accusations, and refusals. Between now and January, our America will suffer. Biden must be a healer and a bridge crosser."

That second paragraph shows him to be a humanist and a realist.
Precisely the characteristics that make him a friend.

I myself am a far lesser man. I'm feeling very Dutch Calvinist (my ancestral religion and culture) right now, and consequently very intolerant of "them". I just want to blow 'em out of the water and despoil their coastline.

Torch their cities, burn their granaries and ale houses, and slaughter them just like the Spanish did to Naarden. Leave nothing but starving widows and orphans in the barren fields.

My ideas are less likely to become action.

Which is unfortunate.

You do realize that from a religious point of view, all "those" people are heretics, idolaters, and practioners of witchcraft, who should be killed, right? Expunged, precisely like the Midianites.

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