Monday, November 09, 2020


It is currently low eighties Fahrenheit in Georgetown (Penang, Malaysia). And it might rain there today. This comes up for three reasons: I have friends who live in that part of the world;
I remembered my ex's reaction to durian years ago; and Latakia pipe tobacco blends smell remarkably like barbecue and tire fires according to some people.

It is mid-fifties in SF right now, where I live. Nothing in this apartment resembles durian.
And nowadays I hardly ever smoke Latakia blends.

So everything other than the temperature is oojah-cum-spiff.

Well, except for the fact that I mentioned tofu cheeseburgers on a rabbi's Facebook post about differences between d'rabbanan and d'oraisa, and now the entire conversation is about tofu. Sorry man, I'll know better next time. Perhaps I'll throw some durian into the comment string instead. D'rabbanan, d'oraisa, and is something that smells like sewage from a Limburger cheese factory even kosher, let alone edible? The pilpul will be immense.

Several years ago I brought some durian into the apartment. My ex reacted by barricading herself in the kitchen, yelling that she wasn't coming out until that stuff was gone, and she would be complaining to my aunt and uncle (my nearest relatives) that I engaged in alien autopsies, and was a horrid degenerate and completely irredeemable.

I am not in a position to deny any of those assertions.

Durian is native to the part of the world where Penang is.
As are tire fires, and some darn good barbecue.
Years ago cheeseburgers of any type were not available in Penang.
Lots of other good stuff to eat was.
No pipe tobaco.


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