Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Cats can sleep anywhere, anytime. Mature humans, not so. Waking up to pee in the middle of the night, although arguably a conscious act, is also a matter of physical necessity. Choice hardly enters into the decision. Margeret Cho said something about that.

Children wake up in the middle of a road trip for that purpose. Which is very inconvenient, I've heard, but it's better that they wake up then, than the driver.

So. Got up at four A. M., and couldn't really get back to sleep. Half dreams of large sun-lit warehouse interiors. The smell of copra. Incredibly bad sandwiches in extremely good company. Cats.

Normally I get up slightly before six for pills and coffee.
It's almost a religious ritual.

There is no brocha for pills, as far as I know, and The Lord's Prayer doesn't cover it for Christians either.

"Baruch atta .... ha pillim?" "... our daily dosage?"

It's peaceful in the hours before dawn. No stumbling drunks outside anymore (they fell asleep in front of their teevee with a twelve pack, at home), no rumbling of machinery. Just the hint of moisture in the air confirming that it rained, or is raining. But if it is, it is doing so quietly.

Already drinking a cup of coffee. Pills soon.
Then out for a morning walk.

The wild beast has awakened. He yawns and stretches. Then bats lazily at the moose carcass in his lair. Moose? Perhaps a bit of dead moose for breakfast..... or a deer. A nice young calf deer, dispatched quickly, mercifully so, before it starts bleating for its mommy. Who would probably also be yummy, but better suited for a late lunch.
Time enough for dripping red meat later.
But first, the coffee.

A lair is not complete if it lacks the means for preparing coffee.
There must be fire or electricty in each cave.
Plus running water.
Went out onto the front steps with my beverage. Pajamas, bathrobe, warm throw rug. Darkness. A pedestrian passed, at a safe distance. Good morning. Garbage truck next block.
Back in, apartment mate still asleep in her room.

News: Trump still has not conceded. Who cares? He's largely irrelevant at this point.
Pathetic Cheeto, the chief grifter. Gone soon. A new era.

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