Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Even though in the United States rational people have largely realized that our next president will be Joe Biden, there is still an outpost elsewhere of faith in the eventual victory and vindication of Donald Trump.

Multiple locations in Hong Kong. Diehard Trump supporters. With customers and fans that for some reason or other seem to loathe Biden. Which is depressingly common for many Hong Kong people. Kwong Wing is where all fascists should eat, if they visit Hong Kong.

They have probably the best fried eggs in the world.

Nice that they still believe.

Stupid, but nice.

Many Hong Kong people support Donald Trump because they believe he's against the Mainland government, and don't understand that Trumpism is, plain and simple, against Chinese. It's nearly the same with elderly Vietnamese in the United States, who voted for Trump because they hate the Chinese. As well as the great state of Texas, where people can't find China on a map, but know that he's against California, where there are a lot of Chinese.
Or the Filippinos, who are long-standing anti-Chinese racists, justifiably feel threatened by Communist China's aquatorial ambitions, and don't particularly like black people either.

One has to be realistic about this. There are a lot of assholes in the world.

Hong Kong people, Taiwanese, elderly Vietnamese Americans, and Filippinos do not realize that they all look 'Chinese'. So their flagwaving is both unwise and in bad taste.

Most anti-Asian racism is manifested in Red States.

Where, really, they hate everybody.

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