Thursday, November 05, 2020


In an insane rant, much like a spoiled brat, the esteemed president of the United States listed all the people conspiring against him retaining his shiny ball this afternoon. Pollsters, ballot-counters, Democrats, and rational people. In cities where there are a lot of people of colour. Kudos to everyone who paid attention to the bitter hissy end.

There was a promise of litigation and numerous court cases.
Any day now he'll start firing people.

There is only so much one can expect Adderal to achieve.
Our esteemed president is losing it.
Big time.

Prez-bama gonna come and get your guns, whitepeepos!

Postal voting is just more vulnerable to Democratic votes.

It's as good a concession speech as we're going to get.

In other news, daemonic spirits have possessed Wisconsin and Michigan. The usual reliable Republican Sources speak of "high level daemonic networks", and strike and strike and strike and strike and strike! Victory, victory, victory! Thus sayeth Florida woman!

Unlike Trump, I got a lot accomplished this week. Paid all my bills and instalments, washed clothes, and did my shopping. Plus I voted. I even read what I was voting for! Yay me!

Also unlike our esteemed president, I didn't use crayons.
Heading outside soon, to smoke a bit before the apartment mate comes home. She's been in a right mood all week, which is understandable, and that requires mental fortification: Doblone D'Oro in a Peterson 53.

Oh, and strong tea. For me, not for her.
Don't want her anymore wound up.
Calm down, angry person!


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