Wednesday, November 11, 2020


My uncle and aunt live in Canada, and I also have some relatives in Southern California, New Jersey, and the New York Area. Who, if they read my blog (highly doubtful), may not know what things I mentioned in a recent post are.

"What is this queer shiznit", they might be saying, "and why is he talking about it?"
As well as "must be that Dutch crap he picked up while abroad".



Herring = A fish that the Dutch prefer very lightly cured, almost raw, and Danes and Germans barbarically pickle the heck out of.
Frikandel = Finely ground meat spiced with herbs and a touch of nutmeg and paprika, rolled into a turd shape, dipped in beaten egg white and fine rusk crumbs, then deep fried.
It is absurdly delicious.
Rookworst = Something that goes into snert.
Nasi daing = Salt fish (daing) fried (goreng) rice (nasi). Breakfast, lunch, snack at two o'clock in the morning. Add chopped chives, and a fried egg on top.
Spicy peanut sauce = Glopped into skewers of barbecued meat, or blanched vegetables, or crispy crunch chip-like things (kroepoek).
Fish paste = Fermented fish product used as a flavouring.
Chilies = A vegetable.
Cheese = A dairy product that is hard to find in the USA.
Salty licorice = A nightmare for Americans.
Hagelslag = Chocolate sprinkles often strewn on buttered bread.
Ondé ondé = Tiny rice flour pastry balls flavoured with pandan and filled with palm sugar, then rolled in grated coconut. In Java, the term "ondé ondé" also describes jin deui (煎堆).
Smoked eel = Bacon from the sea.
Sambal = Goes on everything.

We went overseas when I was two years old. I may have acquired some non-Wasp habits while over there. As well as compulsive neuroses and minor obsessiveness.


Earlier, it was very cold outside, but because the Betawi woman who lives downstairs was cooking, there was a smell like trassi di bakar or fried daing in the apartment building.
So, walkies with a pipe and Solani 633 flake.

Di luar dingin sekali, tathapi karena perempuan Betawi yang tinggal di lantai bawah memasak, ada bau seperti trassi di bakar atawa daing goreng dalam rumah apartmentu.
Waktu jalan jalan dengan pipa, dan flake 633 Solani.

The pipe pictured above is another thing I acquired overseas.
There are good things there.


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Cynthia said...

I think a lot of cis women are jealous of the fact that trans women perform femininity better than they do. This is the kind of infighting amongst women that is encouraged by the patriarchy. It’s preferable to make women compete and fight each other for validity.

The back of the hill said...

Comment probably meant for the post further up.

Cynthia said...

Yes, sorry. Can you respond there?

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