Wednesday, November 18, 2020


"Most people don't act like you; you're acting black in a white neighborhood!" To which the rational response, naturally, would be "back off, get the fudge off my property, and stop talking, Karen". And, as it turns out, the Karen in question was raised in Oklahoma City, where there are tonnes of black people, so by implication she can't be racist.

Kudos to the black family for NOT bashing Karen's little pinhead to a bloody pulp and skinning the corpse. Which of course would also be a very rational response.
Karen is holding a fluffy poodle while talking, by the way.
It's a very white thing to do.

Also, she does not appear to be wearing a mask. Which is another very white thing. Being white and carrying a poodle will not protect anyone from Covid, as many white people would assume. Some of us would call that negligent attempted murder, and bash her little pinhead to a pulp and skin the corpse -- a natural defensive manoeuvre when confronted by dangerous Karen behaviour, such as not wearing a mask -- but we don't want to upset the poodle. Such creatures, if attuned to Karens, tend to get both weepy and vicious, like their owners.
The Karen on the videotape from ABC7 News (Adana Dean, in Discovery Bay, Contra Costa County), believes that a two year old pitt bull is more dangerous and more offensive, and requires a stun gun (and a poodle), than not wearing a mask, maintaining proper social distance, and minding her own damned business.

The fact that she brought a toy poodle and a stun gun to a confrontation speaks volumes.

I am not going to talk about that overweening sense of White Privilege. That has already been addressed innumerable times, and will continue to be addressed. Instead, I am going express the wish that such people stop showing their ass in public, and stop being such a damned embarrassment to the rest of us.

Stop acting so white.

Ya twit.

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