Monday, August 24, 2020


The police naturally uphold the status quo; it's what they were hired to do. So when the police in Wisconsin shoot a black man multiple times in the back in front of his children you have to wonder how thoroughly wrong the status quo in Wisconsin is.

Many things at that time were probably not clear to the police, and the fact that the black man in question was, apparently, the good guy also seems to have escaped them entirely. But none of it would have mattered anyhow, because the police, in many parts of this country, are trained to shoot black guys first, and ask questions later.
There are a number of reasons why the police might shoot someone.
Blackness seems to be a major one.

It should not be this way. If you are not outraged, there is something wrong with you.
Maybe you're too white. Maybe the status quo is working well for you.
And perhaps you want it to continue thus.

And really don't care.

And maybe the entire shitcan deservedly needs to be burned down.

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