Saturday, August 08, 2020


One photo on my feed makes me wish I had read the article. A naked and rather out of shape Caucasian gentleman dodging a hippopotamus.
And I'm sure you understand why I didn't click on the link: nobody wants their retinas to have that image ghosted on them.

I'm as liberal and open-minded as the next guy, and I live in San Francisco, but there, I don't need to go.

No idea why the hippo was enraged. Hippos are not judgmental that way. But do not come between a hippo momma and her baby flashing your wangle, it could be the last wangle flashing you ever do.
Oh wait, that's bears. Carry on.

For some reason it reminds me of a young man I have not seen for years, who pretended that he was old European nobility, assumed name and title and all that. It's something he would do. Because, of course, hippo rassling is just so butch and manly and noble. No, don't wanna see Count von Rotorfabriken naked in the hippo enclosure either.

Old Wobbly Wattles there is enough.

But what is the backstory? Did he fall asleep in front of the teevee while staying with relatives? Fall afoul of girl scouts? Lose a bet?

Somehow I feel that his children are involved.

There are reasons why nudist resorts do not house hippos. Despite that being on everyone's bucket list.

When I'm at work I see plenty of middle-aged men.
Fortunately clothing is common.
Hippos are rare.

Hippos are largely vegetarian, but it should not be assumed that they are representative of the type. That would be wrong.

Some meat-eaters are naked.

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