Tuesday, August 04, 2020


As a patriotic American, I was pissed to read about Chinese students in the United States caught between American xenophobia and racism on one side, and the Mainland Government's current restrictions on travel due to Covid on the other. What's abundantly evident in any case is that both Washington as well as American jingoists are intent on being complete assholes and morons.

[See this article: NEITHER THE U.S. NOR CHINA.]

No, I shall not criticize the Chinese government here, that isn't what this post is about. My point is that it is hugely to our advantage to have foreign students come here, we like an influx of intelligent motivated people, and as a country we should "hearts and minds" them, and we absolutely must be gracious hosts.

Which I know is entirely beyond many of the people in the interior.
That entire range of concepts is quite foreign to them.

Frankly speaking, all those worried Chinese students should move to San Francisco. There are far fewer assholes and flat-earthers here, and better people and educational opportunities. Significantly less violent inbred mo-fos and racists. Plus a large Chinese American population which is solidly grounded and well-established.

Yeah, we also have some complete dickheads -- the number of times someone has told me to go back where I came from is depressingly large, and just one dickhead can ruin your entire day -- but the average I.Q. is higher than most of the South and a lot of the Mid-West, there's more here than just corn, and we have MUCH better ice cream.

Come for the ice cream.

You'll like it.

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