Tuesday, August 11, 2020


President Trump banned WeChat recently. And the publicly stated excuse is valid -- security against overseas snooping and information sharing with a foreign government -- but given his relationship with Russia, whose gangster leadership does worse, and which blatantly meddled in the last presidential election, one has to reject it.

Trump WeChat ban - BBC

Donald Trump banned WeChat because he's a racist piece of shit.
It's not national security but assholism plain and simple.

Banning a social media app like We-Chat while permitting massive Russian penetration, payola, and influence peddling, as well as intelligence gathering and spreading mis-information on a monumental scale, shows that Trump has no problem with whiter than white scumbags, but angrily soils his knickers over other people.

Who should probably just makes his ties and suits.

Keeping quiet when he speaks.

And picking cotton.

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