Sunday, August 02, 2020


Yesterday at ten thirty PM the Portland Police targeted a freelance journalist. Slashed her tires, and shattered her rear-window.

[This was in addition to casual violence against many people last night when the PPB got out of hand, and several incidents of police brutality. Riot by cop, in other words.]

What the hell?!?

If anybody kills members of the Portland Police, who am I to object? Far be it from me to advise anybody to do so, but on the other hand, no one will shed a tear if Portland cops come to a bad end.
And their families should disown them.

Bull puckey:
Portland Police@PortlandPolice
Sworn to Protect. Dedicated to Serve. Portland, Oregon. NOT MONITORED 24/7. Call or Text 911 for Emergencies (in progress) or 503-823-3333 for Non-Emergencies.

They've proven that they're opportunistic scum, basically gangsters.
There's plenty of video.

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