Sunday, August 30, 2020


You can't spell "asshole" without Oklahoma. Actually you can, but why would you want to? Had someone from the great state of Oklahoma visit where I work the other day, and he exemplified everything you've ever heard about the place. And several other things.

Sadly, the state and the musical have NOTHING in common. We should've allowed the musical into the union instead.

I am fortunate that I get to deal with a vast array of people, but honestly, not being particularly social, I'd rather not.

Yesterday two women drove their car down the wrong direction on my street. For two blocks. California, in many ways, is much like Oklahoma. Fancier bells and whistles, though.

Without rhinoplasty, butt implants, and botox injections, reality would be very challenging for some folks.

Cover your nose. Please cover your nose. Or I may have to break it. In several places. I'm a fastidious man, and I'd hate to get your blood on my clothes. It would enrage me, and I'd be forced to break various other parts of you to calm down. How's your health these days?

The more I deal with humans, the more I prefer stuffed creatures.
They are, on the whole, more sensible.

Less stupidity.

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Boris said...

I thought you didn't like musicals. Or has this post been highjacked by Savage Kitten?

Anyway, I have a question for you: How many couches should I feed my cat per day? I know that you have written many posts in the past in response to questions by readers, so I would appreciate it if you could a post only in response to my question. Sometimes I have trouble reading mere comments, due to internet filter reasons, so an actual post would be helpful so that I could read it even if the damned filter interferes.

Natasha said...

It depends on the cat. Is it one of the big cats, or F. domesticus? Is it a liger? A serval? A caracal?

All have different needs and diets. However, seasoning the couch with catnip is always good.

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