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Thursday, June 02, 2016


A friend posted an article from SF Gate on Facebook. To which, dammit, I wish to take exception. The article blathered about San Francisco's vaunted restaurant inspection, which allegedly looks out for the public good, but far too bloody often finds fault with places run by hard-working immigrant families who do not speak sufficient English to feel confident about telling an officious bureaucrat to go fly a kite, and then raise hell with his superiors.

Yes, San Francisco officials are "malleable".

Surely you are not surprised?

These San Francisco restaurants received a 'poor' grade on their restaurant safety scores

Oh gee, so few are white places. Far too many of them are Chinese or Viet-Chinese. Would one be justified in suspecting a bias among the inspectors? Perhaps someone from one of those cultures that hates Chinese? Yes, I think that would be VERY justified, given what populates the civil service in San Francisco.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I have eaten at very many of those restaurants.
And I used to work in the restaurant business.

Any restaurant with cachet and a largely well-to-do upper middle-class hip Caucasian clientele stands far, far less chance of falling afoul of San Francisco's eagle-eyed health department than an ethnic place serving affordable food to somewhat grungy lower income people.

Of course, with San Francisco's investors and financial powerhouses striving to suck as much money out of an exploding real-estate market as possible, with healthy campaign purses going to all the usual suspects, and with a newly-monied class of snooty outsider yuppies infesting the city driving the rents up and long-time residents out, AND insisting that everything meet their centre-of-the-country standards for aesthetics, taste, and pretentiousness, this is only natural.

San Francisco really doesn't want us here anymore.
They wish we'd go somewhere else.

The Civil Service in San Francisco is largely obedient to the dictats of special interests, and culturally slanted towards, shall we say, an anti-Chinese bias. Even if some of them ARE in fact, Chinese.

Far too many of them live in Daly City.

The two areas ripe for redevelopment and real-estate exploitation are the Tenderloin and Chinatown. Both of which are temptingly close by Nob Hill, the Financial District, and Union Square.
And inconveniently filled with "those types".

There may be an effort to recall Mayor Edwin Lee on the ballot at some point in the future. Given that Mr. "biggest disappointment" Lee has screwed over his own people, why should anyone still trust him?
He's not a very reputable comprador.

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