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Friday, June 24, 2016


Yes, I know that subject line will ire some folks. But those whom it would piss off are mostly older, dumber, and more illiterate than the majority of likely readers anyway, and once they find their way into this essay they probably won't be able to ever see anything else I've written because they do not understand how any of this works. They are baffled by computers, cellphones, e-mail, blogs, social media, google, Wikipedia, modern history, mediaeval history, ancient history, and any history at all, really, plus toilets, elementary hygiene, and spell-check, nor can they figure out how to program their VCR or set the clock on their microwaves.
And they voted to leave Europe.

Donald Trump, naturally, praised that move.

He thinks it means they agree with him.

Everything is about him, all the time.

To quote BBC columnist and political reporter Philip Sim: "Donald Trump is not generally regarded as a shy, modest man".

That, dear reader, is the understatement of the century. If Trump is at one end of the football field, with 'shy' and 'modest' at the other end, they will still fight fiercely to get out. Not even pausing for a 'Trump dog' and a 'Trump beer' at the concession stands, but scrambling desperately to flee, so that they might never be in the same picture as that man.

The possibility that that fool might win the election fills me with dread.
His lack of modesty is but one contributing factor.

"Donald Trump is not generally regarded as a shy, modest man"


The vote to leave triumphed by a slim majority. Probably because older and stupider people -- a demographic time bomb -- were determined to make Britain great again. They fondly remember (or at least think they do) a time when "wogs began at Calais", and the English administered a vast empire of all those lesser races.
Before it all lay in ruins, and foreign nationals frequented the streets, many of them Hungarian (the nationals, not the streets).
Yandela-vasa gudenwi struvenka.

The average baked-bean brain Britain-firster firmly believes that all of the continent is filled with mincing weeds and whoopsies who invented the tapestry, the soufflé and sweet liqueur, and still thinks that eating frogs, cruelty to geese, and urinating in the streets represent the sum total of European contributions to civilisation.

[Let us not mention shiny toilet paper.]

If they were Americans, they'd live in trailer parks and speak with thick regional accents.

The only real difference between the British voting to leave Europe and the American morons supporting Trump is that over there they will be horribly disappointed when it doesn't bring back the stone age and universal syphilis, whereas here the Trumpistas proudly embody both.

No, none of this was meant as an argument in favour of rational politics and common sense. And I apologize if you expected such.
This was a rant, pure and simple.
And frustrated.

The British have proven themselves all Baldrick.
We Americans are often very British.

One last thought: For Europeans, the toilet is a mundane and functional item. For the British, it is the basis of an entire culture.
The Europeans are better off.

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  • At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am still in shock at the triumph of Brexit.

    On the plus side, the collapse of Sterling on the currency markets means we can fly to the UK for lunch and eat all the pork pies, brown sauce and salad cream in London.

    Much of the Leave sentiment was fear of immigrants whipped up by the right wing.

    Nonetheless, an interesting analysis from the Guardian claims that, after examining the results by town and shire, it is clear that people who did live with more immigrants were less likely to favour Leave than those with fewer.



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