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Monday, June 27, 2016


In Zeeland province (Netherlands) a bicycle racer asks women out in the country side for directions, and also if they know of a place to take a leak. He lost sight of the friend with whom he practises, lost his way, and his bladder is fit to burst. He is desperate to take a leak.

This leak-question pattern only came to light because he asked women who entirely by coincidence knew each other. It's an innocent question, except that out in the Dutch countryside there are, in fact, plenty of suitable venues for taking a powder. The countryside is full of them. Nature and hedgerows along fields are a veritable giant pissoir. Go ahead, find you bliss in the open air.

Please pee freely.

Perhaps asking strange women where their favourite pisseries might be is a little transparent. Not surprising, though, when you consider what racing garb looks like.
It is tight and form fitting, and reveals all.
And feels smooth and sexy to the skin.
Makes a perv more aerodynamic.
Yowza and hot dog!

Hello ma'am, do you have a place to piddle?
Is it reasonably private and safe?
Take me there!

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