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Sunday, June 26, 2016


Marin is a very special place. And it is better for your mental health that you do not visit. They are far too special for you to handle if you do not have a hazmat suit and a cattle prod.

Well, except for the real people. Like the Mexicans.
They're all right. Traumatized, but all right.

As you may have gathered, I work there.

Shan't mention what I do -- pipe restoration and dispensing amateur psychological counseling to self-centered drips and very needy entitled suburbanites, mostly -- but suffice to say it pays the rent, allows me to smoke a pipe, and covers the necessities.

I have realized that some things in this life are absolutely necessary, others not.

No, love is not, strictly speaking, essential. There has unfortunately not been any of that in six years, and while I miss the companionship and emotional intimacy, I think I've survived pretty well without it.
A man has got to do what a man has got to do.
If you have no choice, oh bloody well.
You can't have everything.

You MUST have these:

Good pipe tobacco and good pipes.

Hong Kong style milk-tea.

Chili sauce.

These three are key to sanity and survival. Absolutely. The proof is that decrepit wrecks and complete loonies do not have them. Not all three.

Other things that make life worth living:




Manual dexterity.

A warm place to sleep.

Some pizza would be nice too, occasionally, but there is no place in the immediate vicinity of my digs where pizza may be found. So in a few minutes I shall head out to see if a civilized person is working at the Oxxy, so that I can sit down and have a smoke.

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