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Saturday, June 04, 2016


It turns out the legal establishment and social climate of Palo Alto are unsafe for women.

"Former Stanford University athlete Brock Allen Turner, 20, raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Prosecutors wanted him put away for 6 years, but the judge, Aaron Persky, gave him 6 months to avoid being unnecessarily harsh on the boy. He'll be out in a few weeks."
End quote.

[SOURCE: Campus rapist given lenient sentence.]

Got that? Get caught raping someone, and you might get a mere slap on the wrist, if you are a Stanford University athlete. And a frat bro.

He will be out in a few weeks.

"So, what did YOU do over summer break?"

One wonders at the prevalence of roofies in the bars near campus. Probably sky-high. Because, as has been well-established, Stanford caters to rich white families whose boys can do no wrong.

There are several establishments on University Avenue where women should NEVER have a drink, but SHOULD go in carrying both a gun and baseball bat. Actually, scratch that. Not several. ALL.

I used to work down in Palo Alto.

It's a pretentious hellhole.

Lots of dicks.

Do not be surprised if former Stanford student and athlete Brock Allen Turner gets a cushy job at an investment bank some time after being released. Because, after all, he's a good fellow, an all-round decent man, one of us, you know. Clearly mis-understood. One little mistake!
And he went to Stanford University, and is an athlete.

A really swell guy to have a drink with.

He'll fit in with all the boys.

And succeed in life.

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