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Sunday, June 05, 2016


The account with OK Cupid is no more. I zapped it recently, having given it a try for about three or four years. I only checked in every two or three months, to discover once again that many single women want someone adventurous, extremely well off, who lacks a noticeable personality, and who likes either vegan or ethnic food.

Or vegan AND ethnic.

I'm sorry, what I eat is normal food. Albeit mostly Chinese.
There is nothing cute or meaningful about it.
Pork, shrimp paste, noodles.
Hot sauce.

I described my strengths as being able to take long baths, discuss pipe tobacco intelligently, and imagine what being a badger was like.

I listed milk-tea as one of the six things I would not do without.

All in all, I may have had the wrong attitude.

I still think being able to take long baths is a selling point. Remarkably, none of the people that OK Cupid decided were an eighty percent or greater match even mentioned bathing. I have to conclude that soapy water and twiddling one's toes in the comfort of a warm bath are not high on the list of desirable traits.

Maybe American women do not value cleanliness?

In any case, the chances of a woman wanting to wander around Nob Hill, Chinatown, and down to the parrots at Sue Bierman Park in the company of a middle-aged dude smoking a pipe and not saying very much being on OK Cupid are astronomically slim.

Throw in milk tea, and steamed pork patty with rice, and a tendency to read a lot, and it's one in a gazillion.

Almost everything I like qualifies as a bad habit, and after a life-time of reading I am filled with tonnes of useless information. I do not have a cellphone, and am never at a gym.

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