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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


People often express surprise when I admit that I do not have a cell-phone. Instead, when necessary the landline device suffices.
Why would I need a cell-phone?

Unlike everybody on public transit, this blogger is not in a tweet-tweet squeal kissy-poo relationship, and consequently there is no need for immediate communicativity anywhere and everywhere.

Really, a land-line works fine.

Unfortunately my apartment mate believes the same thing. Which means that sometimes the television room is off limits, as in addition to the DVD player, television, and computers, the household telephone lives there, and she insists on speaking with her boy friend when they are not actually in the same building. Which can be more than a little irritating.

Especially when it comes to personal issues.

"It will make you regular!"

"I am regular!"

"I don't want to hear about it!"


Now, I only heard half of that conversation. So what he said is pure guess-work. But you can see why being exposed to such things can be stressful for a sensitive chap such as myself.

If I had a girlfriend, I should not talk about such mundane matters.

I am not much of an electronic relationship kind of guy.

"Woman, get off the phone and come over!
And bring a book!"

In the chill of a San Francisco summer evening, the best thing to do is dive under the covers, with a few stuffed animals and a whole lot of down comforter, and read.

With caffeinated beverages on the bedside table.

I tend to be a very sensible man.

As well as romantic.

Please note that this would be a perfect opportunity to suggest books, but I naturally expect any intelligent woman to have her own ideas about that, and I would not presume to disrespect her choices.

I do not need a cell-phone.

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