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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


This is quite distressing! Two of the three top searches that bring people to this blog do NOT represent me at all! And the fact that some folks obsess over them, to the exclusion of all else, fills me with despair.
The third search is fine. Totally. No problem.
It's something I can get behind.

The third search is dimsum.

A while back I put together a handy reference list: DIM SUM: KINDS, NAMES, PRONUNCIAT​ION, DESCRIPTIO​N.

The list was meant for people to use. And I am happy that indeed they do. Dimsum is a great and glorious bit of goodness. Bon appétit, y'all.

It's those top two searches that are problematic.

Panties. And naked middle-aged men.

That's NOT what I am all about. The posts they find here were meant as a handy reference and a casual bit of pervert taunting. Yes, I think panties are very nice, thank you, and at times I too am unclothed. But there were NO pictures of either of those subjects (panties, naked middle-aged men), and please rest assured that I myself never wear panties.

I leave the panty-wearing to people with more skill in that regard.

And phsysiques better matched to that garment.

Again, there are no pictures.

The one thing which I do NOT wish you to see, ever, is a photo of a middle-aged man wearing only panties who is eating dimsum. Some of you may indeed wish to -- you found this blog via an internet search, and here you are -- but, being a meanie, I shall not show you such.
There will be NO weird selfies.

I'm fairly certain that you, dear reader, are NOT a person wearing panties and fascinated by naked middle-aged men eating dimsum.

What I believe you should investigate instead is fully clothed middle-aged men who eat dimsum. It is a much more sane and balanced subject, and, as I am sure you realize, some of those middle-aged men enjoying little snackipoos will light up a pipe afterwards.
We are much more exciting.

Trust me.

I am very fond of dimsum.

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