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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Several articles on Jewish media sites expressed outrage that Dutch teenagers jovially sang a song about 'burning Jews, because Jews burn better'. And cited the angry squawkings of the "Chief Rabbi of The Netherlands", a certain Binyomin Jacobs, resident of Amsterdam.

Naturally, American Jews were horrified by what they read.

As their comments made clear.

Firstly, let's get the 'chief rabbi' business out of the way. There ain't no such critter as a chief rabbi of the Netherlands. There has been no appointment to a position like that in generations.

The Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Amsterdam as of last year is Rav Binyomin Jacobs.

Until his resignation in 2015, that contentious title had been occupied by Rav Aryeh Ralbag, who managed to piss off as many people as his successor has since then, but it took him quite a while longer.


In 1998 Rav Pinchas Toledano (author of Mekor Beracha) became dayan (av beit din) of the Sephardi kehilla of Amsterdam. Since 2012 he has also been the chief rabbi (chacham) of that community.
Which predates any Ashkenazi presence.


Rav Binyomin Jacobs is a Chabadnik. Given that Chassidus has no history in the Netherlands, and the vast majority of Dutch Jews hold no truck with that set of beliefs anyhow, I will leave you to guess what segment of the Dutch Jewish community pays him any attention.

The other thing remains that atrocious song about burning Jews. Who, as most PSV, Feijenoord, and FC Utrecht supporters know, are the Ajax soccer players and their Amsterdam fans.

All of whom identify as "super Jews".

A fairly large number of those supportive Amsterdam super Jews are Muslims whose parents came from Morocco. Another large segment are of Surinamese derivation. Many are also native born.
Most of the super Jews are gentiles.

Amsterdam is probably the only place in Europe where you might get killed for burning an Israeli flag. Because those "Jews" will not appreciate your being an asshat.

On the other hand, if you burn an Israeli flag in Eindhoven (PSV), Rotterdam (Feijenoord), or Utrecht (FCU), you'll get free beer.

Everybody envies the Amsterdam team.

So, when the administration of Elde College, and the good people of Schijndel, start receiving angry hatemail from Americans -- because naturally a large number of functional illiterates and dipwads in the United States will indeed fire off angry irrational screeds, with multiple mis-spellings and obscenities -- they will wonder how it is that Ajax has so many supporters in the United States.

The guilty students apologized for singing that awful song, by the way.

They didn't know there were so many Amsterdammers in Schijndel.

Like the so-called "Chief Rabbi", Binyomin Jacobs, I also support AFC Ajax, but don't expect me to make much fuss over the Schijndel boys of Elde College singing the Jew burning song. After all, Ajax is a superior team, and nobody in his or her right mind really cares what supporters of miserable squads like PSV, Feijenoord, and FC Utrecht think.

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