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Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Thanks to the evil Jonathan, who lives deep in the jungly wilds of the West Bank (yes, that place; malaria, typhoid, rabies, pit vipers, and wallabies), this blogger is now aware of "Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik", a collection of complete dude-ness on youtube.

Jonathan is a hippie rocker from way back, and appreciates The Grateful Dead. Even now. Tie dye! Like, seriously loves them. The wetness, oh.
It's a lapse of judgement. Personally I find The Grateful Dead to be jejune and repetitive, but then I don't rock. Or roll.

Jonathan plays an acoustic guitar, and does gigs in Jerusalem.

Erik sleeps with Satan, his videos are NOT safe for work.

Sleeping with Satan: probably just a lifestyle choice.

'Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik' ; NSFW.

Watch it in church instead, pew in the back.



Please notice the wine. You probably assumed a giant spleeve, but that was wrong. The inspiration for this and many other videos is wine.
Thank Napa and Sonoma for the amazing content.

Not Humboldt County.

He also sometimes drinks Heineken. Which is cool, and dude-like, but not as cool and dude-like as a fine Northern Californian burgundy.

He mostly drinks wine.

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