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Friday, June 10, 2016


For over a year Bernie Sanders' supporters took aim at everyone. The media wasn't giving Bernie enough attention, they said, the establishment was trying to bury him, and Hillary was an evil witch in league with the devil. They attacked the Democratic Party, while pretty much ignoring whatever the Republicans were up to.

Would it be amiss to consider them saboteurs?

Having seen any number of hatchet attacks from the Bernie Bros, and having read their bile and venom to the point of nausea, I think not.

By the time the California Primary took place, nothing would give me as much satisfaction as seeing them and their candidate taken down.
If at all possible, smacked by an oncoming big rig.

With that in mind, here are a few choice quotes from someone whose name I shall not mention, as there is no reason to make him a target of hate mail, death threats, and harassment from the childish dipwads who populated the Bernie camp. Many of whom seem to be unbalanced.
Quite possibly unstable psychopaths.
And Tantrumic.

[Begin cut-and-paste]

Over a year since this article, and Bernie Bros really never did think of a better way to sell their candidate. Oh sure, they decided to bash Hillary 24/7 and deny the existence of Bernie Bros (while spouting misogynist bullshit), but this is pretty much the gold standard in pro-Bernie propaganda.

Funny how my remarks are pretty mild and the article is balls out asshole aggressive and yet you still think that not only am I ANGRY but I'm the quintessential Hillary supporter. Man, you really have got to check your privilege dude. No. We're not angry. Bored and annoyed maybe. And sure there are some pop psychologists who claim that being annoyed is the same as being angry, but who wouldn't be bored and annoyed after an entire year of this smug condescending bullshit? Especially when we are all told to be nice to our abusive fellow "Democrats" who decided to follow an independent pro-gun candidate?

As opposed to the Hillary haters who are legion and won't shut up even after Bernie has lost. The problem is that even when I post pro-Hillary stuff that doesn't mention Bernie I would get bullshit misogyny.

Bernie supporters are the most condescending douchebags in America right now and yet (they) run around telling everyone else not to be condescending. I would note the irony but since I'm on the internet, I have had to deal with racists telling everyone else that they are the real racists.

Well the Bernie supporters are afraid that Hillary supporters are going to be about 5% as nasty to them as they've been to us for the past year. So they are trying to hold President Trump over our heads as a legit threat. It's a little bit like Orson Scott Card going "ok, well gay marriage is legal so you guys don't have to be mean to all of the homophobes who have spent the last few decades fighting you tooth and nail for every right you should have had without question."

If you are a recovering Bernie supporter who is thinking of voting for Trump because Hillary supporters are hurting your feelings, then fuck you. We don't want your support. Peddle that shit elsewhere.

[End cut-and-paste]

He expresses what I feel exceptionally well.

The Berniacs spent an entire year citing Fox News bullpucky about Hillary, along with every Republican smear and calumny they could find. When called on this, they screamed and wailed and changed the subject.
Twelve solid months of spoiled brat behaviour.

They aren't Democrats.

They never were.

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