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Wednesday, June 08, 2016


The time before Kennedy was a golden age, in a kinder gentler America. Except if you were black, OR if you liked good food. In that case (either one), you were out of luck. Racial segregation was still strong, and the food was on the whole rather abysmal.

Both of those horrific situations were combined in one restaurant, which served Southern Fried Chicken to very white people in four cities:
Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Salt Lake City.
They also served burgers and dairy desserts.
But they were famous for the chicken.


Yep. That's what it was called. You can understand why it isn't around anymore. Their fire-insurance premiums were probably sky-high, and getting worse with every year.

Because rational people would want to do something.

There are times when a man needs himself some fried chicken. Like for breakfast at six o'clock on a day off (Wednesday, for instance). Yessirree, some frahd chicken would be mighty tasty right now, it shore would hit the spot!

Even if the Coon Chicken Inn still existed, I would probably not be able to force myself through the door. A wall of mental objections would bar my path, and I instinctively distrust ethnic stereotype chow.

On the other hand, I just cannot understand why neither of the donut shops around the corner offer fried chicken.

It would seem to be so natural an option!

Deep-fryers and underpaid staff!

The perfect combo!


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