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Sunday, June 12, 2016


This blogger is saddened by what happened in Orlando. This blogger is infuriated by that loathe-worthy pustule Donald Trump using it as an opportunity to promulgate his hatefilled ideology.

Got this through your thick head, you scumbucket:

1) This was an act of homophobia, precisely what so many of your target audience would support and ellide over if a Christian had done it.

2) You were not right about keeping Muslims out; instead, both you and the shooter prove your own dysfunctionality.

3) How effing sick do you have to be to use such a tragedy to promote fascism?

Omar Seddique Mateen was a perfect native-born homophobe. That is all.

It is little more than coincidental that there appears to be a Muslim connection -- by all accounts the perpetrator by was not a religious man, but a very typical all-American wife-beater and maladjusted tough-guy wannabee -- but, clearly, the main reason to target that club and its patrons was homophobia. To which most of the Republican presidential candidates in this election pandered, and which almost all Protestant fundamentalists espouse and support.

How lucky for all of them that the shooter was a Muslim.

How very American of him to go lone wolf psycho.

He would have made a good Christian.

I note, by the way, the Fox is in full-on defensive mode right now, and has taken ownership of the attack. Their talking heads are determined to stress the uncertain Islamic connection, and gloss over the fact that this was first and foremost a hate crime. It suits their agenda.

Geraldo and O'Reilly are both shmucks.

Unstable shmucks.

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