Monday, May 16, 2022


A friend and her husband visited the vicinity of Golden Gate bridge this weekend. They've seen the bridge hundreds of times, because they live in the Bay Area. But sometimes it helps to see it with a different light and eye. She posted a photograph, in which distantly a blue heron is visible.

Another friend recently mentioned seeing a blue heron in Golden Gate Park.

What with living on the butt end of Nob Hill, a densly urban neighborhood, and no longer commuting via train to Menlo Park, I have not seen any blue herons recently.
Small white egrets, yes. And pelicans. Small hawks.

Plus lots of seagulls, ducks, and geese.
Crows, wood doves, blackbirds ...
Pigeons. Oh lord.

The Bay Area is teeming with feathers.
Our egg-laying fellow-citizens.
This computer painting was inspired by the distant bird in the photograph. Mostly crayon and spray can tools, plus very minor touches of pencil, oil brush, and line.

Turkey vultures too.
I've mentioned them once or twice.

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